Game Tips for Zelda on Wii

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    • Twilight Princess uses the Wii's motion controls for most of the combat interface. Swing the Wii remote to swing Link's sword or shake the nunchuk to swing the sword in a circle. Use items or secondary weapons with the "B" button.

      When engaged in combat, use the "Z" button to lock on to your enemy. This will allow you to maneuver around your enemy while keeping it in view. In addition to giving you greater accuracy, targeting with the "Z" button also allows you to defend against an enemy's attacks with your shield. This is useful for fighting quick enemies or enemies that fly. You can also use secondary weapons, such as the bow or boomerang, against locked-on enemies for increased accuracy.

      Experiment with secondary weapons and items to exploit enemies' weaknesses. For example, try freezing an enemy with the boomerang or stealing its armor with the clawshot. Use the weapon best suited to your current foe.


    • The land of Hyrule is very large, and you must explore it thoroughly to progress in the game. Whenever you enter a new area, take a moment to search for any items or points of interest. Break objects and cut grass to collect Ruppees and unveil hidden items. Look for cracks in a wall that might be vulnerable to bombs or hidden ledges that may lead to secret areas. If you notice a suspicious room, ledge or geographic feature, it likely leads to a hidden area.

      Talk to any non-player character (NPC) you come across to learn useful information. The NPCs will often give you hints on how to progress further in the game or solve a dungeon puzzle.

      When Link is in wolf form, press "Left" or "Right" on the directional pad to use the Sense ability. The Sense ability allows you to pick up scent trails and see hidden objects. Use the ability extensively, as many of the puzzles you encounter in wolf form require you to track a person or object with the sense ability.

      Use your secondary items to reach hidden areas or solve puzzles. Look for hidden grappling points for your clawshot or faraway objects you can hit with your slingshot. When you obtain a new item, take the time to return to earlier sections of the game. Previously unreachable areas may be accessible with the item's help.


    • The game's dungeons contain boss creatures that you must defeat to progress. Every boss has an attack pattern; study the pattern to learn how to avoid the boss's attacks and when to launch attacks of your own. Additionally, most bosses require you to attack the creature's weak spot, often with a secondary item. The weak spot is usually a noticeable physical characteristic. Defeating Fyrus, for example, requires you to hit the large jewel in its head with the Hero Bow. Experiment with different weapons and tactics to exploit a boss's weakness.

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