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Hi, my name is Mathew Pierce. I'm a software engineer and today I want to talk about opening up .RTM files. Now .RTM files are, they can be made by several different sources one of which is WM Recorder, another is from RealTracker which is a digital music recording application. They're also compatible with Winamp so you can play the .RTM files back with Winamp. There's also a Navicat report files that is a data base front end kind of gooey data base management system. And finally, they can be Runtime menu files that you can open with LabView. Now if you happen to get an RTM file that was created with WM Recorder, you're probably out of luck with doing anything with it because the .RTM format as it applies to WM Recorder is a proprietary format that basically gets created as an intermediate file while it's capturing video and if for some reason the sending end shuts down before WM Recorder is ready for it, well it bombs out and makes this file. However, if you go to the website here at and talk real nicely, you may be able to get some help from someone on that. If it is a .RTM RealTracker music module you can download Winamp and play it with that. If it's a Navicat data base file they have all sorts of front ends for this. They probably have a noncost free for personal use front end that you can get to view it and National Instruments gives you a 30 day trial to the LabView application that if it is actually a Runtime menu file, you'll be able to open it with that and view it using their free tools. You know it's free for a month, at least right now it is and it's just a wonderful tool for capturing scientific data and whatnot. So I'm Mathew Pierce. Today we talked about opening up .RTM files. Thanks for watching.
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