You"ll be able to Maximize Eyesight Naturally By Eating Vision Enhancing Foods

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Would you be willing to change your eating habits a little to help improve your eyesight?

I understand how you feel about a change such as this. I asked myself that question a dozen times after I did some research and found out about our food supply.

Most of our foods consist of unnatural chemicals, hormones and additives which are not meant to be in our systems. Each one of these unnatural items causes a huge amount of inflammation in your bodies, which ends up in diseases, pain and suffering.

I discovered a secret during my research and I want to share it with you.

I call this secret-eating for body and vision enhancement.

Since your eyes belong to your overall system, they are as touched by the inflammation. The muscles begin to swell, your eyes can't focus and suddenly you will need glasses to correct the issue.

The solution is to eat anti-inflammatory foods.

My body joints and vision have improved since I have changed to a healthy eating plan and introduced a more healthy group of foods.

Try introducing some of the following foods to improve your vision and your body.

Olive oil
This is the best supply of oleic acid, which helps to reduce inflammation. Work it into your cooking rather then processed oils which include lard.

Choose the ones with dark green leafs. Spinich, kale and dark green lettuce leaves provide ascorbic acid. Go easy on the dressing, many of them use sugar.

One of my favorites. I have them together with plain yogurt, topped by using a little honey.

Great for your eyes, but be careful what you cook them in, use olive oil. Free range eggs from happily roaming chickens would be the best.

Cold water fish
Salmon is a wonderful example of this variety of fish. Watch out how you cook it, no deep frying or using lard.

Grass fed beef
It may be a bit more expensive, but not bad if you get it on sale. Grass fed has several other more nutrients compared to the kind that typically comes through a feed lot.

Give your body and your vision a fighting chance by introducing foods which can purge inflammation. If left unchecked, inflammation could potentially cause diabetes, extremely sore joints and muscles that can't function due to the fact that they are so swollen. Since your eyes are controlled by muscles, your capability to see clearly might deteriorate and you might soon be wearing glasses. If you clear your whole body of inflammation you'd be surprised at how good you feel, how much more active you are able to be and how much better you can see.
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