Home Remedies For Warts - Relieve The Agonizing Pain Naturally

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Warts are uneven growths on skin which are generally small and rough, and typically affect the hands and feet. But, in some cases this problem may spread to other parts of the body, for instance eyelids. Moreover, it is viral infection that affects the skin. In addition, the virus is clinically known as human papilloma virus. Furthermore, the uneven growth on skin might resemble a solid blister. In addition, this skin infection is contagious, but generally it is harmless. And, this embarrassing skin infection may cause severe itching which is why many people look for some effective home remedies for warts.

The warts are generally raised round or oval in shape. And, the surface of the affected areas is rough. But, it is important to understand the symptoms of this dermatological infection. Firstly, the color of the skin around the lesion might be abnormally dark, or light. Secondly, the lesions might be numerous small, smooth and flat. Thirdly, the surface of the lesions would be rough. Fourthly, the lesions might be painful to pressure; especially lesions on soles of feet might cause pain. And, the home remedies for warts may relieve the agonizing pain caused by this dermatological problem.

Usually a medical practitioner would diagnose the infection by their location and appearance. But, a doctor might insist for biopsy for confirmation because this dermatological problem resembles to various other medical conditions, for example corns and callus. There are many home remedies for warts which are effective in getting rid of this mortifying dermatological problem. But, only effective remedies are mentioned ahead that may help in elimination of this skin infection.

1. Generously apply castor oil on affected areas. This is a slow remedy yet most effective home remedies for warts.

2. Extract milky juice of fresh, barely ripe figs, and apply on the affected areas. Use this remedy thrice daily for quick results.

3. Everyday before going to bed, apply pulp of raw potato on the affected areas. Apply a clean bandage to ensure that the pulp stays in place. The active ingredients of potato will decrease the potency of the viral infection.

4. Take some fresh juice of onion on a cotton swab. And, gently massage the affected areas with it. It will stimulate the blood flow, and eliminate the virus from the affected areas.

5. Apply milk from the cut end of dandelion on the affected areas thrice daily. It is one of the gentlest home remedies for warts treatment.

6. Take some oil extracted from the shell of the cashew nut. Gently massage the affected areas with this oil.

In conclusion, the above mentioned home remedies for warts might cure the infection, but preventions will increase the effect of the remedies. Firstly, avoid scratching the affected areas because this may spread the infection to other parts of the body. Secondly, in case your hand is infected, it will helpful to wear gloves while using equipment. Thirdly, avoid brushing, combing or shaving the affected areas as it may worsen the condition. Finally, in case your nails are affected, avoid biting and filing them. The mentioned preventions and home remedies for warts have helped many peoples to get rid of this dreadful skin infection and allowed them to live warts-free life.
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