To Dos Before Moving Things Into A Storage Unit

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There are many tools that can help you to move your treasured belongings from your home or office to a self storage facility or new office or home.
Sufficient protection should be available to ensure fragile items do not break, while arrangements should be made to make transportation of sturdier items more gentle.
A universal packing list for moving will enable you to make the proper arrangements to make the entire process of moving easier.
Top on the list of universal packing requirements are various sizes of sturdy boxes.
These boxes will hold and protect their contents, making it easy to carry them.
Smaller boxes are great for fragile items while larger boxes should be used for carrying lighter items.
Boxes are ideal because they can be stacked easily in a storage space or a moving van.
Furthermore, they can be labeled; making it easy for you to put the right items in the right place.
If you are using flat boxes, you should remember to buy packing tape for assembling these boxes.
This special tape is designed to hold boxes together and can be removed easily when unpacking.
Avoid using duct tape because it will leave adhesive residue on your items, is hard to remove, and is more expensive than packaging tape.
Labels also feature in the universal packing list.
While plain boxes may hold your belongings properly, they also need labels to make it easy for you to find whatever you need, when you need it.
You can simply write the word kitchen on boxes containing kitchen items.
You can also write "Dad's winter clothes" on boxes instead of just "clothes.
" While labels may be very helpful, they will be of no use if you cannot find the box with that label.
Therefore, you should have a map showing the location of every box within the self-storage unit.
If you are worried about losing the map, you can attach it to the wall of your self-storage unit for easy reference.
A universal packing list will be incomplete without bubble wrap.
This special wrapping will act as a cushion to protect fragile items.
They are very important especially when packing items made of ceramic or glass.
A dolly is another important item on a universal packing list.
Moving heavy furniture or boxes by hand can cause wrist and back strain regardless of your strength.
To make the process easier, you may want to consider getting a dolly.
This tool will also help you to save a lot of time because it makes it possible for you to move several boxes at once.
If you do not wish to buy one, you can rent a dolly from a moving company or a hardware store.
Some companies, like Handy Space, allow customers to use their equipment free of charge.
Last but not least on a universal packing list is a moving van.
Ideally, you should move all your belongings at once, so you should look for a van that has enough room for all your belongings.
If you are not packing up the entire house, a moving trailer would be the most suitable option.
Handy Space also offers a courtesy moving trailer for every person or company that rents a self-storage unit in their facility.
A universal packing list will make the process of cleaning your garage to moving into a new home easier.
Before you start packing, make your own list.
That simple list can help you to avoid the stresses associated with moving.
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