Who Might Lead America in the Future?

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America is faced with a very important decision come this November and both major political parties agree that this may in fact be the most important Presidential election of our time.
The two major candidates are of course, Senator John McCain with Governor Sarah Palin and Junior Senator Barrack Obama with Senator Joe Biden; But - Who Might Lead America in the Future? There are some Americans who do not support either ticket.
For them the thought of voting for the lesser of two evils is unacceptable.
Come to think of it, it has never made sense to me.
We have better potential candidates in America, we have 303 million people.
Surely, there are better candidates available they say and it is too bad politics is such a wicked and nasty business, because maybe others might run.
Still, with that said good people would be destroyed and our nation would be corrupted by those who would-be king because good people may not see the red tide rolling in.
Some say that both parties have failed to present adequate offers, I am disturbed, but realize that, the best thing to do now is offer support once whoever is elected gets in, help them help America.
We need to ditch all this hate, it's just horrible.
Do you ever think that politics is a horrible way to run humanity? That thought had crossed my mind a few times and now more and more American voters are thinking here too.
This November Election will be big, no matter whom you choose to vote for.
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