The Various Treatments For Tinnitus and Their Side Effects

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There are many ways to treat tinnitus, from gamma knife radiosurgery to cognitive behavioral therapy, but it is important that you realize their ups and downs.
This is especially true when your doctor suggest you take more drastic measures to deal with your tinnitus.
You definitely do not want to walk into surgery or to take intravenous medicines without bracing yourself for the consequences.
Masking treatments are designed primarily to alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus.
Masking the sounds can help you 'cut out' the noises from conscious thought, and has little to no side effects on the human body.
It is not, of course, a method of permanently treating the problem, but it can provide some useful relief while waiting for more permanent solutions to take effect.
Pharmacological treatments can either alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus or address the root of the problem depending on which drug is used.
The problem with drugs and medicines is that the side effects vary depending on the drugs used.
For example, Alprazolam and lidocaine can cause drowsiness, dizziness, confusion and nausea - to name a few of the more common side effects.
This is why it is highly recommended that you conduct some research on the medicines you will be prescribed with, since not all medicines share the same tinnitus side effects.
Surgical treatments are pretty rare in tinnitus, and are more commonly used when there is observable noise being produced in the ears.
A click or crack that can be heard by both doctor and patient results in objective tinnitus, and surgery is a viable option to treat tinnitus of this kind.
Whether your doctor chooses to go through with gamma knife radiosurgery or botulinum toxin, you can expect the side effects of surgery to be pretty severe - from dull pains to baldness.
Psychological treatments can range from simple relaxation training to full-blown acupuncture.
These methods can be used to alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus, although you really cannot expect them to treat tinnitus that has a specific physiological cause like infection or direct trauma.
Psychological treatments also have very little problems with side effects while they can help the patient deal with the stressors of constant noise.
This makes psychological treatments a great addition to your chosen method of treating tinnitus.
You may have noticed by now that the descriptions of the tinnitus side effects are rather broad and general.
This is because each type of treatment covers a wide spectrum of specific treatments, effectively meaning that the side effects depend on the treatments you'll use.
If we go through these specific treatments one by one, you would need a book of about a hundred pages or so just to nail down the basics.
In the meantime, take these general types of treatments into consideration before you make your final choice.
You will then have a general idea of what to expect once you select the best method to treat tinnitus in your case.
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