Links Between Periodontal Disease & Other Systemic Disease

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Once in the blood stream these byproducts can lead to inflammation, which in turns leads to the production of CRP by the liver.
CRP stands for C-reactive protein, and its presence in the blood gives rise to a strong correlation to heart disease.
Currently there are drugs available that help reduce the CRP in the blood, these drugs are called statins, but these drugs do nothing to treat one of the causes of CRP.
This posses an interesting question: Would it not be better to reduce or attempt to eliminate active periodontal disease, so there are less bacterial byproducts entering the blood stream? The answer to that question is yes; LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) is a patented procedure that is available right now from just a few select dentists nationwide.
The patented procedure requires a special type of laser, and laser training in that procedural protocol.
Currently there are approximately 750 dentists and periodontists that are trained in this cutting edge laser technology.
This LANAP procedure attacks the very bacteria that are responsible for creating this inflammatory response in the body.
The Journal of the National Cancer Institute reported in a study from January 17, 2007 about a relationship between pancreatic cancer and periodontal disease.
Once again we have the technology to fight periodontal disease, gum disease, pyorrhea that is called LANAP.
So you not only may gain healthier gums by undergoing LANAP therapy, but you will have a healthier smile.
Many patients that received LANAP therapy report fresher breath, gums that don't bleed, teeth that become stable and are not loose and they report feeling healthier.
Go ahead and do an Internet search on the association of systemic disease processes in the human body and gum disease if you would like to have more information.
I have been in dentistry for 25 years and I have been doing LANAP surgeries for four years and am still excited to see the results that this high tech laser surgery provides to patients with periodontal disease.
Check us out; the doctors of Ameridontics are committed to providing excellent dental care.
If you have been told you have gum disease, or if you have deep periodontal pockets that do not seem to improve with just cleanings alone, if your gums bleed easily with brushing and flossing you may be walking around with undiagnosed periodontal disease.
You can make a difference in your dental health and your overall systemic health.
Our mouths are the gateway into our bodies; please seek a treatment that will have benefits to your overall health.
We are here to serve your needs to better health.
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