Salaries for Couple's Therapists

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    • A couple's therapist in the United States earned an average salary of $49,020 as of May 2009, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Salaries ranged from $29,270 to $73,610, with an annual wage of $36,480 in the 25th percentile and $58,440 in the 75th percentile and a median salary of $46,920.


    • The bureau states that the industry with the most employed couples therapists was individual and family services, where the average salary was $45,230 annually. Working for the government yielded a higher than average salary; couple's therapist working for the state government earned an average of $58,120 annually and those employed by the local government earned $52,200. Couple's therapists working in outpatient care centers earned an average of $49,450, those in hospitals earned $52,870 and those in the offices of other health practitioners earned $48,250.


    • Hawaii was the state with the highest salary average for couple's therapists at $74,070 annually, according to the bureau. Georgia, New Jersey, Alaska and Nevada followed with salary averages that range from $60,510 to $63,510. The highest paying metropolitan area in the U.S. was Honolulu, Hawaii, with a salary average of $75,530, followed by Houston, Texas, at $68,350.

    Benefits and Advancement

    • According to State University, benefits for couple's therapists employed both by government agencies and other public and private organizations typically include paid vacation time, health insurance coverage and retirement plans. While a master's degree is usually the minimum requirement for a couple's therapist, earning a doctoral degree often leads to higher wages. Moving into private practice is another option for therapists looking to advance both their careers and salaries.

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