What You See Is What You Get!

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If you see ugly, you experience ugly.
It is amazing at how so many people can view the same situation from all different angles.
A person can view a comment as extremely rude and offensive, whereas another person can perceive the exact same comment as humorous and harmless.
It is amazing how two individuals who could even possibly live down the street from each other their whole lives in similar economic backgrounds, same social status, and same environmental surroundings, yet their perspectives can be so very much the opposite.
It is obvious that the largest contributing factor into the art of perception is instilled in an individual through the belief system of his or her upbringing.
How one views the "big world" is mainly defined by the beliefs we have formed into what is a good experience or a bad experience.
Also, our genetic makeup plays a significant role, but even so, our beliefs will set the right conditions into how one perceives a situation accurately and honestly.
When our beliefs are so strong and are mixed with negative emotions, a recipe for disaster has been created.
If we allow for our strong beliefs to be controlled by our emotions, we could possibly lose focus on our beliefs themselves or it may even result in the formation of new unhealthy or potentially destructive beliefs and thought patterns.
How do we achieve better perceptions in the world around us? Much of it boils down to our own self talk.
Our self talk is all that chattering we do to ourselves in our everyday lives that help us process the information we are receiving from an outside source.
This "chatter" is incredibly powerful, but many times we make the mistake of believing it is just innocent thoughts that just simply disappear.
A thought that reoccurs continuously becomes much more than that and thus a feeling is formed as a result of this continuous thought.
When feeling is associated or combined with the thought, something will begin to manifest as a direct result.
The manifestation may not appear immediately, and for the most part, it does take time.
There is an incubation period for everything to form in life, whether it be a baby in a mother's womb, a tree growing from a small seed, or even through the thoughts playing in our mind.
Our thoughts are like seeds.
Our thoughts are just that, they are seeds of our greatness.
Just like a simple seed can be the beginning of a beautiful tree, but that tree would not be in existence if the proper environmental conditions are not met and maintained.
This is exactly the way we are, each and every one of us are created to perfection right from the beginning, however, we will only be able to thrive the way we are meant as long as the conditions are properly met.
This means our mind, body, and spirit must be nurtured.
Having said this, it does not give any permission to blame anyone, anything, or any event for your misfortune or life difficulties.
It is understandable that other contributing factors can play the part in the making of life hardships, however, it is our perception, our attitude, and our participation that can allow us to experience a difficult situation with ease and with less grief.
Just like the tree, if the necessary conditions are not met, the tree will not flourish, but when the conditions are met, the tree has a stronger potential to grow into a big beautiful creation among nature.
Then there is us.
If we are put in great conditions, we increase the chances of achieving our right to greatness.
We are all born an expert at some subject, it is just a question of what factors the individual has been exposed to.
This all includes physical health, family life, emotional health, spirituality, economic factors, and their own inner peace and attitude.
Even with these factors having an influence on how we perceive things, that only gives an up to date view on how an individual will react to certain situations and can give us an estimate on how they will more than likely react if the conditions remain the same and do not improve.
Any individual has the power to create and set their conditions in order to change their experiences to situations.
Many of us make the mistake that if outside sources change, their life experience will change.
Not true.
It is the perception that changes that give you a different experience of the same event.
When we can change our perception, we will be able to allow for better experiences to present themselves as we will then have the ability to recognize the opportunity and we will also have the attitude to motivate us to act upon it.
It is critical for us to change the way we view life and if we put this practice into effect immediately, incredible changes will begin to appear.
It is up to us to improve our conditions in order to see results.
Ensure you are exposing yourself to positive outside sources.
If you are continuously focusing on the negative events in the world, then negative events is what you will focus on everywhere else in your own life as this is a way you are training your unconscious mind.
Feed your mind with positive and uplifting information, as your mind requires to be fed with powerful information to act powerful.
Improve your physical health by exercising even just five to ten minutes a day and eating better foods, Meditate for five minutes in the morning and five minutes at night and improve your mental health by increasing your clarity and reducing your stress, Meditation will also help you with spirituality as you meditation helps you connect with the "divine source".
Repair relationships or improve relationships by doing kind acts.
This will improve your spirit and set a powerful vibration within you and your experiences with those around you will lighten if need be or continue to be strong.
Create a budget within your home and stick to it.
A strongly developed financial plan will reduce stress within you and your family, which will give you the opportunity to spend your precious energy in areas much more productive.
Search out a great financial advisor or find a way to educate yourself on financial matters.
So put your "Greatness Goggles" on and look at the world differently and see the hidden blessings that are staring right back at you.
Greatness and beauty is there, you are just looking at all the wonderful blessings in life with goggles that are distorted.
What you see, is what you will get, so change what you see by changing your present perception of the same situation.
You can start..
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