Outsource-Philippines: An Exceptional BPO Haven

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A financial downturn emerged as the key factor in the growth of business process outsourcing (BPO). It has been utilized by many organizations to gain competitive advantage and ensure success in today's jammed-up business arena.

Outsourcing plays a vital role in providing global business solutions. Its popularity as a trend has now become a "standard" to surpass a cutthroat competition. Besides streamlined process, its significance has been apparent in improving companies' revenue, margins, and customer relations. Not only does it allow organizations to focus on core activities and control operational costs, it also ensures business continuity and risk management. Thus, companies that need to focus on core business should consider services like corporate governance, risk management, and compliance services.

Leave it to Outsource-Philippines

Over the years, the Philippines has shown great potentials in the BPO market among other Asian countries. The country is home to exceptionally talented Filipinos who are considered as one of the world's best communicators. As a matter of fact, the most recent data from Global Corporation reveals that the country the world's best country in English business.

Moreover, Nielsen Net Ratings reported that the Philippines is the second most ideal outsourcing destination after earning more than 46 percent growth in contact center demands since 2006. Besides Filipino creativity and ingenuity, the country is a compelling destination due to the following reasons:

Excellent Workforce. The country takes pride in giving education the utmost importance. English is taught in all schools making the country the 3rd largest English-speaking country worldwide. With a literacy rate of 94.6 percent, it is not surprising that the Philippines produces more than 350,000 equally competitive graduates every year.

Ideal Business Location. This Asia-Pacific nation is located at the heart of Asia, making it an ideal entry point to more than 500 million people in ASEAN market and a gateway of international shipping and air lanes for European and American businesses.

Cost-Effective. According to research, Filipino wages are less than a fifth of that in the United States. Thus, programming and business processes outsourced in the country shows 30 to 40 percent business cost savings.

Business-Friendly Economy. The country's open economy supports a Build-Operate-Transfer investment scheme allowing a 100 percent foreign business ownership in almost all sectors.

Developed Business Infrastructures. Besides its beautiful landscapes and breath-taking sceneries, the Philippines also has well-developed communication, transportation, and economic infrastructures that link its three major islands. It is accessible by air, water, and yes, even cyberspace.

Enthused with business outsourcing?

Let Outsource-Philippines do your task. With more than six years of continuous business success, it is committed to providing cutting-edge BPO solutions through:

High Quality, Low Cost Workforce
Global English Proficiency
Strategic Business Location for the Global Market
Government-supported and Reliable Infrastructure
Cultural Affinity with both the East and the West

Its multi-talented manpower is composed of highly skilled designers, writers, editors, office personnel, Information Technology experts, business people, customer-centered individuals, and industry experts who sincerely understand your business needs.

For more details about their services, visit http://www.outsource-philippines.com.
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