Getting Back With Your Ex - 7 Ways To Save Your Relationship

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Is your relationship with your partner rocky? Do you spend more time shouting and bickering at each other than living and loving? In the fast passed modern world we seem to have lost the ability to manage our closest relationships.
The first thing to realize is that every relationship has problems and no body is perfect.
However it is also true that for many couples who make it thought the rough times they come out the other side stronger and closer than before.
They say you learn form your mistakes and that is true.
The trick is making it though the tough times together so you both can learn.
In this short article I would like to pass on the 7 ways you can save your relationship.
Listen This one of the simplest things to do yet many partners damage their relationships by not listing.
It could be this is the biggest cause of your relationship troubles.
The problem is you don't know because you have not been listening.
To be a good partner you need to listen to what they say, active listening, and quietly talk though issue until you are both of you are satisfied.
Understand Listening is only part of the solution you also need to understand what the causes of the dissatisfaction in the relationship are.
If you don't know what the real problems are you may just be adding to the problems without knowing.
So if you don't understand ask relevant questions, this can be difficult at first, but you really need to understand what the problems are so you can sort them out.
A positive attitude If you look at the dark side of things and expect the worst to happen it usually dose, strange that.
You need to approach sorting your problems out with a strong positive attitude.
By doing this you will start to see solutions and learn the lessons of the mistakes that have been made.
Focuses on how happy you have been and will be once the problems are resolved.
Stay Calm Feeling upset and frustrated is only natural but you need to stay calm so you can approach problems with a clear head.
Talk quietly and take deep breaths before speaking this lowers the blood pressure and therefore your anger.
People often see frustration as anger.
Make Plans This I know seems a strange on but by making plans you are both showing commitment and shows you are both determined to make it through the rough patch.
It takes some pressure off by making the future a little clearer and giving a feeling of stability moving forward.
Take time away Know I am not talking about legal separation here or moving out.
Taking time away can be as simple as a couple of hours out to calm down and look at the problems in a fresh light.
In these situations often you can see solutions and ideas on how to get through the rough patch.
It is true to say that most relationship problems can be worked through and in many cases even after some difficult times you can save your relationship.
I wish you all the best for the future.
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