Pilot Careers - A Solution To A Beginners Dilemma

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? To the former: No.
To the latter: Yes.
And you may just feel like superman once you're living the dream - soaring through that big, beautiful sky, getting paid big sums to travel the world, all with the respect and prestige that comes with being a pilot.
Starting a pilot career can be quite tricky and confusing though, so if you're looking at starting a career as a pilot, read on.
Where Do You Want To Work? For most people, pilot careers mean one of two things - airline jobs and military pilot jobs.
Although these two are the most prominent options, and most likely what first caught your interest, it's important to realise commercial and agriculture sectors seek pilots too.
Know where you're going and it'll be a lot easier to get there.
Previous Experience Do you have any previous experience flying? In most cases, unless you have been in the military, you will need to start your pilot career by getting your private pilot license at a flight school.
Airline Pilot Careers Once you have completed your pilot training and obtained your first license, you will need to get a commercial license.
These licenses can be very expensive, but keep in mind you're doing this for a long term career as a pilot, so you'll be earning more than you spend here.
Once you have achieved these licenses, you are then able to apply for airline jobs, continue training, all the while obtaining more flying experience and qualifications until you are ready to become a full blown pilot.
You'll be ready when you have achieved first officer status and undertaken 1500 hours of flight time.
Military Pilot Careers If you decide to take the route of military training, you'll be receiving some of the best training in the world AND you'll be getting paid for it.
To go down this path however you'll need to sign up for a minimum service time and be prepared for the fact that your service may be required in war.
This comes down to a very personal decision, but when weighing up the risks, consider your long term investment and end result after you've served your time in the military.
Other Factors There's more to being a pilot than simply picking a school though.
Being successful in pilot careers requires: - Physical fitness - Healthy eyesight - Healthy hearing - High self-motivation - High commitment If you do possess these qualities and determined to live the dream, then I wish you the absolute best in your career as a pilot earning easily in excess of £100k per year.
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