Zhu Zhu Toy Hamsters For Christmas 2009

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Are you looking for cute this Christmas? The cutest toy that acts like a real loving pet? Then you're looking for Zhu Zhu toy hamsters for Christmas 2009! These are on every kid's wish list for Santa Claus this year! Imagine this Christmas morning.
Your youngster or grandchild rummages happily under the holiday tree, searching for the gifts that Santa has brought for him or her.
And then, the squeals of delight as your happy little one tears open the colorful wrapping that hides one or more toy hamsters inside! What a Christmas memory! These toys are just about the cutest little "pets" anyone could want.
Squiggles is soft brown, Pipsqueek is yellow, Num Nums is gray, and Chunk is pure white.
Each pet has its own lovable personality and does the cutest little hamster things.
They're cuddly, playful and loving.
What a neat way to give your child a pet, without having the extra duty of cleaning out a cage! Are you wondering how a fake hamster can be just as great as a real one? Don't worry! When you give Zhu Zhu toy hamsters for Christmas 2009, you'll be giving a gift that can be petted and cuddled - just like a real hamster.
These toys scoot and scamper around the house (navigating both carpet and flat surfaces with equal dexterity), and will play for hours in the best Zhu Zhu accessory - the hamster wheel! They make delightful pet hamster noises, too! You'll know when your little toy is content, having fun, and getting into mischief! Mr.
Squiggles is light brown with white boots and nose, and a cute squiggle marking on his back.
He's the Houdini of the hamsters, so keep your eye on him! Pipsqueek is yellow and as cute as can be! She will scamper around the house bravely, letting out little squeaks of delight wherever she goes.
Num Nums is a real sweetheart.
He might be a little shy, but when your little girl or boy gives him some cuddles, Num Nums will be happy to play all day! Chunk is white, laid-back and lovable! With pet blankets and beds, Chunk and his friends can snuggle in for nap time.
Then give Chunk his own hamster wheel for play time, and your little one will have hours of fun! Along with the oh-so-cute toy pets, you can find start up kits, not to mention a host of other great accessories like carriers, the adventure ball, and Hamster Habitat! Kids this year are excited about the Zhu Zhu toy hamsters, and it's no wonder! They're super cute and fun to play with.
Your little one will spend hours being entertained by the scurrying activities of one or more pets, and all their fun accessories, too.
If you're looking for a holiday gift for a special child who loves animals, don't miss out on the opportunity to give a toy hamster and watch your child's face light up with happiness this Christmas! You can find them at toy retailers everywhere.
But hurry, they're going fast!
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