How to Hang a Shadow Box

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    • 1). Weigh the shadow box by weighing yourself on a bathroom scale, then weighing yourself holding the box. Subtract the difference to get the weight of the box.

    • 2). Hold the box up where you want to hang it on the wall. Keep it straight by placing a level on top. Draw a line from one corner of the box to the other with a pencil.

    • 3). Measure the distance between the center points of the hanging hooks. Also measure the distance from each hooks to the edges and from the top of the box to the center point of each hook. Mark your measurements on the wall.

    • 4). Drill holes for the hooks. Follow the anchor manufacturer's directions for the size of drill bit to use.

    • 5). Insert screws into the anchors with a screwdriver. Leave 1/2 inch of screw exposed.

    • 6). Fit the hanging hooks over the heads of the screws to hang your shadow box.

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