What to Do When You Are Lost in a Jungle

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Being lost in a jungle is definitely not what reality T.
makes it look like.
Also the survival strategies, when lost in a jungle, differs from region to region because the dangers associated with a jungle in the tropics might not be the same for a jungle in another region.
There are, however, some basic steps that may be taken to find one's way back or at least find safety while in a jungle.
A compass, which is a must for any kind of expedition to the jungles, may help one to decide on a direction.
In the absence of which, one can ascertain direction by judging the movement of the sun or the placement of constellations if it is past sundown.
If the lost person is successful in ascertaining the direction then attempt must be made to retreat in the direction from which the journey was started 2.
It's advisable to leave a trail of pebbles or branches broken in a particular manner so as not to move in circles, or in case one needs to backtrack.
If there is a river nearby then following animal tracks might lead one to it or to some water source 4.
Traveling along the river is the easiest way towards civilization if one moves in the right direction.
However it is safer to not drink from the river unless it's indispensable.
Eating unidentified luscious or colorful fruits might also prove to be fatal.
It is better to eat fruits that can be peeled or cooked.
Also it is safer to find and put up at a shelter than wandering in the jungle at night.
A high branch or a wide buttress of a tree can become a suitable shelter to spend the night safe from other animals or natural phenomenon like rains and thunderstorms.
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