3 Acting Tips For Nailing Your Next Audition

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The performance you deliver at your audition is the only opportunity you will have to convince the casting director, and producer that you're the best choice for the role.
Casting directors want to find the best actor for the role, and are open to seeing what you have to offer by holding auditions.
When you're invited to attend one it's usually because they're already interested in you and want the opportunity to see you perform.
Strengthen your chances of giving your best performance by preparing for the audition as soon as you're booked for it by your talent agent.
Start by doing your research about the character you're auditioning for so you are able to make smart character choices, and deliver a believable performance.
If you're uncertain about any aspect of the role during the audition, ask questions that are directly related to the character you're auditioning for.
However, don't waste the time of any casting director with unrelated questions, or small talk because that is a waste of production time, and could cause you to lose the part to a less chatty actor.
Stay focused on the role even if you encounter distractions during your audition, and take all directions seriously when given.
You may see the character in a different light from the casting director but it's in your best interest to follow any direction that is given without question because they could be looking for something specific to bring to life and would like to see if you're capable of portraying it.
Remain professional at all times during your audition.
If you encounter any discrepancies or conflicts at the audition, refrain from arguing with anyone.
The best move is to call your talent agent as soon as you're able to, and let them know about the situation.
Your job is to be an actor at your audition, don't use that time to get involved in any negative situations that could harm your chances of landing the role.
Keep your performance focused, and professional.
Be confident about your ability as an actor, and demonstrate your range when given an opportunity during the audition.
However it's not a great idea to audition for a part you're not interested in playing because your lack of belief in the role will most likely show during the audition.
It's fine to turn down an audition, or a callback if you find the character unsuitable but don't waste the time of casting directors by attending auditions for parts you have no intention of playing.
Doing this will definitely hurt your chances of future consideration.
In closing don't drink, use drugs, chew gum, flirt, or arrive late to your auditions, and never try to direct your reader, fellow actors, or anyone else in the audition room.
This is considered very rude, plus it's the director's job to give directions not yours.
To nail your next audition it's important to remember to have fun with the process, and allow your creativity to bring the character to life by being prepared emotionally, mentally, and physically on audition day.
You will be able to deliver a memorable performance by staying in the moment, and following these very important guidelines which can enhance your ability to get noticed at your future auditions.
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