A Scar Is Born

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Memories flooded back to him.
Pain!!! A knife cutting through his brain.
"Frak her", the human who killed him.
These were his thoughts.
"Frak her!!" Memories of flying through deep space, jumping from sector to sector.
Firing at the human colonials...
He was a Cylon.
A Cylon Raider to be precise.
He lived to fly in space, to fulfill the missions he was asked to do.
To kill the humans by firing both conventional and nuclear missiles at them.
Until she came and shot him.
He fell through the atmosphere of this rugged moon.
He survived the descent, but she found him, "frak her!" She killed him - knifed his brain.
Half-dead she rode him like an animal, used him to go to the world of Caprica...
He vowed revenge.
On her.
On the other humans.
His hatred had no limits now.
He would learn from this death.
He had just had his consciousness downloaded into a new body.
He would be a "new" Cylon Raider, but he would work towards his vendetta.
He hid in an asteroid belt, waiting for an unsuspecting human Viper pilot to arrive...
who he then killed without pity.
He began to do kamikaze style attacks and died a few times again too.
Until the day the Resurrection Ship was destroyed, which made him even more vicious.
He had to obliterate the humans, he would not rest until this happened.
And he would wait until the day he would encounter her again.
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Battlestar Galactica, Scar, The Cylons, Number Six, Caprica, Sharon/Boomer are Universal Studio's This fanfic is for entertainment purposes only and no money exchanged hands.
No copyright infringement is intended.
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