Gluten Solutions - How to Live Gluten Free

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A gluten free diet is one that is free of wheat, rye and barley.
These grains all contain gluten protein.
Many of us are looking for gluten solutions.
Ways that we can live gluten free.
We are looking for ways to remove it from our diets.
Because it is widely used it is sometimes hard to find products or recipes without it.
It can sometimes be hard to define what gluten is.
It can be defined as: the protein substance that remains when starch is removed from cereal grains.
The FDA does not require food labels to list gluten because it is deemed safe for most of us.
Even labels that list that they are gluten free may contain a small portion of gluten in them.
You can choose to follow a non gluten diet for medical reasons.
coeliac disease, dermatitis herpetiformis, Lyme disease and wheat allergy are all conditions where it is medically necessary.
You can also choose to live this way just to have a healthier lifestyle.
When cooking you want to cook with natural foods like unprocessed fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, fish and poultry.
Use these and cooking becomes easier and healthier.
Since less than one percent of our population have a related disease or intolerance to gluten it is widely used in a lot of our processed food.
With recent health fads it has become popular to have a gluten free diet.
As the awareness about gluten raises so do the options of gluten free foods.
Foods that where once impossible to have like bread and pizza now have non gluten alternatives.
Even with recent awareness about gluten a good portion of those with a gluten related disease are not aware they have the disease.
Even if you do not have a medical condition it is still a good idea to limit the amount in your diet.
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