How To Configure the Flash Player For Firefox

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    • 1). Open Firefox and visit the Flash Settings Manager on Adobe's website.

    • 2). Press the "Global Privacy Settings" tab to deny camera and microphone access to all websites or set it to ask each time. Move over to the "Website Privacy Settings" tab to set options separately for each individual page.

    • 3). Open the "Global Storage Settings" tab to set the maximum drive space for each website using flash or turn off local storage entirely. Visit the "Website Storage Settings" panel instead to allot a different amount of space per website.

    • 4). Click the "Global Security Settings" panel to edit how websites can access information. Set the option to always allow, always deny or ask each time by your preference. You can also add a whitelist of trusted sites.

    • 5). Use the "Global Notifications Settings" tab to enable or disable automatic update checks and set the check interval.

    • 6). Push the "Protected Content Playback Settings" tab to reset your licenses for purchased media.

    • 7). Click on the "Peer-Assisted Networking" tab to access options for enabling or disabling peer-to-peer networking through flash on specific websites.

    • 8). Close the Firefox window when finished changing settings.

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