The Life of A Worship Leader

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My story before we go any further, I am part of an amazing 70 plus member choir for close to 5 years now and I also play percussion in the band.
In my second year in the choir not even a vocalist or would be able to get close to being a background vocalist or even lead the choir in song devotions.
I went to small little church and when they heard that I was from the big choir and they said help us teach us to that which you know and before I knew it they appointed me to be a worship leader in their interdenominational gathering.
You must be asking, what's your point? You might just be a singer in a huge choir or small choir it doesn't matter there is a day when you lead people in worship, so let's start learning worship leading.
Whether you are a worship leader, singer, ordinary person, musician or whatever, we need to learn and know how to lead people into the presence of God.
In this series we are going to be looking at things that Worship leader work through and to prepare yourself to walk into that place and bring glory to God.
One statement that was spoken a few weeks ago and it hit me hard was "the world out there is hungry and they are looking for truth and we as worshippers can take them to the truth" Let us lead people to the feet of Jesus always and all the time, that they may meet with the real truth...
Things that worship leader s have to take account for: 1.
Does my flow allow the Holy Spirit to flow through me? 2.
Being led by the Holy Spirit 3.
Applying the word of God in worship 4.
The people, congregation, audience, 5.
Time - we want more time as worship leaders 6.
Coming up with a song list or set list 7.
How to carry the worship team, choir or singers 8.
Working with the band to achieve the desired results 9.
Not just lead but is my heart also in the worship 10.
Knowing and being able to use the capacity within team Worship leading is not an idea or concept I truly believe that God sets people to be worship leaders and fact that you are in the choir or band, does mean God has set you in that place to lead many in worship.
Regardless of things or protocols that you will have to get through to be selected to be a part of choir or a worship team, God has set you and chosen you to lead his people to Him and you don't have to be in the front to be recognized as a worship leader.
It's not about bringing the people to your feet and them basking in the glory of your ability or for people to stand in ovation to you.
I am praying for a generation of worshippers which are able to take people into His presence and people cannot stand to clap hands after you are done but are so caught up with the glory of God.
Worship leading is about bringing people to a place where they stand in awe of God and who He is...
"For God is the King of all the earth: sing ye praises with understanding".
Psalms 47:7.
God will call upon you and so let's start on building our understanding so that we lead people into his presence.
Leading People to the Beauty of His Holiness
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