An Overview of Aluminum Panel Clips

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Whether you are at home and trying to figure out the best way so that you can fix a new wood panel on the wall, hang the new centerpiece of art over your fireplace, or you are a contractor searching for the most efficient way to hang panels or partitions on a wall, you are likely to hear the term aluminum panel clips. When you hang anything on a wall, the primary objective is stability and easy installation. And Aluminum clips are lightweight and user-friendly. Aluminum extruded material is lightweight and cost-effective, which makes it ideal for a variety of industries.  

In the market, there is a continuous demand for panel clips. This has led the emergence of many companies offering innovative solutions to hang the panel. You can find a wide range of panel clips with a variety of sizes from lightweight clips to heavy duty clips. Lightweight panel clips are designed to hang lightweight products. Cabinets, mirrors, and other large partitions and panels are heavier so they should be hanged by heavy duty clips. If you use panel clips properly, there is no reason for the clips not to work for you. So, it is important that you should buy a right kind of clip for your mounting purpose.

The design of aluminum panel clips commonly referred as the hanging cleat or French cleat. These days, panel clips are designed in a way that makes them easy to remove when the need arises. When you are shopping for clips, you should look upon critical dimension such as offset and drop so as to decide what kind of clips will work for you well. Some clips come with pre- drilled holes on the clips, which saves a lots of time during the finishing.

You can buy aluminum panel clips online as well. Many companies that offer wood wall panel hardware for sale provide their clients with clips online. Some companies also offer samples for hangers at free of cost. You can get it by visiting the websites of such companies. Usually, sample kit includes hangers that hang panels directly to sheetrock, locks to hang panels directly to the wood substrate, alignment pin, epoxy mounts, and installation guide. When you are buying hanging solutions for your panel, you should make sure that you choose the right company. Buying clips from a reputed company ensures a better finishing and good durability.
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