How Should The Chinese People Do With Inflation?

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Inflation refers to an economy in a period of time when the amount of paper money issued exceeds the amount necessary for smooth regulation and thus the price of goods increases. So the buying power of a currency drops with too much paper money on the market. Our countrys inflation rate is increasing. Inflation seriously affects our daily life, especially those ordinary citizens who earn fixed salary every month. Because of this, we have to adjust our consuming habit such as buying clothes, buying foods, housing and the transportation etc. The adjustment will cause some inconveniences or even problems to us.
Then, as a Chinese people how should we deal with the inflation problem. We should delay purchasing the real estate. At present our house prices are in profiteering phase, but the country is taking various measures to suppress the price. Therefore, we do not rush to follow suit others but wait for the arrival of the normal prices. So we are looking forward to the advent of prices, believing that every commodity in the market should be traded with the regulation of the economy law. Second, we can not invest too much in the stock market. In China, the stock has been in bull market for some months and we should be aware of a sudden shift. Besides, there are many instable elements which may influence the stock market. Third, we should moderate our consumption, not spending a big proportion of our incomes on consuming some luxury articles. We should save some money or we can invest our cash on some objects such as buying some articles whose value can be retained relatively more stably. This way, we can suffer less in the inflation when the value of cash decreases.
Inflation seems common if the economy of a nation develops to a certain level and in the economic sense, it will cause some problems; meanwhile, it also causes some social problems. For example, the devaluation of money deduce the material benefits that people can enjoy with the same amount of money and this will make people feel unfair. To the honest labors, they earn their cash with diligent work and their work should bring them equal comfort. So in this sense, the social problem the inflation causes deserves the same concern from us.
In a word, inflation has really affected the quality of our life, but we can no be pessimistic. Anyway, it is still under control and we have enough reason to hope for a more stable price in the future.
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