How to Sew a Lined Wine Bottle Gift Bag

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    • 1). Select the fabric for your gift bag. For an elegant look, choose organza, velvet or satin. Do not use the velvet or organza as a lining---satin makes the best lining regardless of which fabric you choose for the bag's outside. To present a casual, locally produced wine, consider choosing an earthy cotton print for a homespun look. In this case, use a matching solid cotton to line the bag.

    • 2). Choose a cord that compliments your fabric. You can use everything from a fancy braided gold cord to a string of woven hemp, depending on what sort of look you want to accomplish.

    • 3). Iron the fabric, and turn it so that the two "good" sides are facing one another. Clip the corners at the bottom so that the edges will be rounded. Using 1/2-inch seam allowance, sew the bottom and two sides together with matching thread. Do not sew the top of the bag.

    • 4). Press the seams open on the fabric. Turn the wine bag right side out. Turn the top 1/2 inch of the bag back into the inside of the bag. Pin, and sew the bag closed, being careful to sew in a straight line within 1/8 inch of the edge.

    • 5). Place the wine bottle in the bag, and tie around the neck using the cord you selected. Tie in a bow or very loose knot, so the recipient can easily access the bottle of wine.

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