Discover What You Need To Do If Your Children Have Allergies

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Entering school is a time of transition for all children, but this is especially true for the child living with allergies.
Children with allergies must learn to not only cope with the school day but also explain their unique circumstances to teachers and friends and deal with their symptoms more independently.
This can be awkward and sometimes makes the child feel like an outcast.
Fortunately, there are steps a parent can take to help minimize this difficult transition and keep the child safe.
The first step to helping your child deal with their allergies at school is to talk to the teacher and school staff in advance of the first day of school.
Set up a meeting with the teacher and ask if the school nurse can be present too.
Explain your child's condition and put things in writing such as known triggers, necessary medications and any activities the child should avoid.
Give the teacher an opportunity to ask you questions and answer them to the best of your ability, or refer to the teacher to your pediatrician.
It is also important to emphasize to the teacher that you want your child to be treated normally and not like he or she is any different from other members of the classroom.
While having a conversation with your child about allergies, be sure to emphasize that your child is normal and able to participate in most activities.
Encourage your child to play on the playground, join in on sports games and run around with friends.
Your child needs to feel normal and this is how you can help to make that happen.
Just make sure that your child understands any triggers and knows to stop an activity if there is any indication that an attack might be coming.
Finally, listen to your child on a regular basis.
When your child comes home, check in to see how the day went and ask about any allergy triggers.
Don't make this the only point of conversation, but mix it in regularly and make it seem like a natural part of life.
Your child can tell you a lot about what is happening with their condition, and if you pay attention you will learn something in the process.
Allergy is difficult to deal with and even more so for the child entering school.
Taking some time to prepare your child in advance and checking in with your child regularly can make a world of difference.
This will improve the school year and help your child to feel safe while away from you.
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