Cradle Cap - A Little Care Can Keep It Under Control

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One common dream every girl cherish in their life is to be a mother; and when they actually develop the sign of getting into the family way; their happiness does not know any bound.
From the very moment a girl understands that she is going to be a mother, she starts to care for the baby she is fostering inside her.
This fact clearly reveals the depth of love a mother has for her child.
So, it is obvious that she will be worried about any injury to the baby, even about harmless thing like cradle cap.
It is a neonatal disease that causes no harm to the baby.
Far from being a harmful disease, it is simply a skin condition that vanishes in course of time.
Very often it does not require any medical treatment.
It is generally seen among the babies of two to three months of age.
If cradle cap does not take any worse turn then it gets recovered within a few months.
At best, it can take two to three years to vanish.
However, it is not advisable to leave the disease unnoticed.
If neglected fully, it may become somehow injurious and cause some harm to the baby that no parent would like to happen.
One possible bad turn cradle cap can take is getting spread to the other parts of the body.
It is not likely that the disease will become infectious and affect others.
But the possibility of spreading to the other parts of the body cannot be passed up.
In the same way, it is also possible for cradle cap to become hard and crusty and make the affected area look ugly.
Both these untoward turn of cradle cap can be stopped by being careful to it.
Parents can use mild shampoos or paste of homely herbs to keep it under control.
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