Wounded Warriors Re-Adapt to New Lives

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By reading this article you will see how others have learned the adaptive skills that will help you during this transition chapter in your life.
You will be able to find the freedom that you crave.
You will be able to make concrete choices that will keep both your mind and body fit.
You will learn to use the discipline of your training to overcome your current situation.
Wounded warriors throughout our country are learning the skills that lead to success and victory.
In your journey to becoming one of the people who have overcome adversity, I offer this example of one who has used adaptive sports and recreation: Retired Army Staff Sgt.
Ansel Delacruz.
Delacruz learned surfing and has been snowboarding, white-water rafting and skydiving.
Working towards a sky-diving license, he's the kind of person that will attempt anything once.
Serving from 1999 to 2007.
An IED left him with injured hands, facial scarring and blindness in his left eye.
Not sitting on the sidelines of life Delacruz sets a standard that you can match.
Another that has joined the ranks of people that have overcome obstacles is Michael Fradera.
Fradera had an aversion to water that might have seemed silly to others.
That was when he still had both legs.
'I always had a fear of being in the water where there are big fish,' said Fradera.
These days, the Fradera has reason to avoid water.
He lost both of his legs when his Army vehicle encountered a roadside bomb in Iraq on Aug.
17, 2007.
Fradera, 31, can learn to walk again on a pair of titanium legs and prosthetic feet .
Michael Fradera is learning to SCUBA dive.
Entrepreneurship uses the same skills to overcome.
Perhaps your injury will not allow you to return to your pre-military employment.
You must make a new start in life.
I want you to imagine for a moment that you did not have to answer to a manager.
Think right now about the freedom to choose your own work schedule.
See yourself playing with your children or spending time with your lovely wife or girlfriend.
This is why many join the ranks of entrepreneurs.
It is all about freedom.
I encourage you today take the step into entrepreneurship.
That may be to open a home based business today or begin to search out business opportunities.
I believe you can do it, you can overcome.
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