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Keeping up with the hype regarding the Kindle Fire or seen commercials about Amazon's cool product on tv? Everyone is wondering exactly what the Kindle Fire is. With it being a reallycool product there's no number of information on how it works and exactly what the product is offering to consumers.

The brand new Kindle Fire from Amazon, that was released on November 15, 2011, offers you a product comparable to the Ipad by apple as well as other Android tablets. Typically the most popular in the market feature about the Amazon Kindle Fire is definitely the price. It truly is affordable, yet offers the majority of the same features as its competitors are offering. Because Fireis totally new, so many people are asking what's inside the Kindle Fire? Here are some features you'll discover:

1. It has a internet browser that allows the user to download popular apps such as Hulu, Netflix and Pandora in addition to email.

2. The Fire links with Amazon's huge collection of books, videos, magazines and music. You may also download your own music and photos.

3. This table includes a very clear and sharp 7-inch color screen. Additionally, it has 8 GB of memory.

4. PDF, Word, Excel and Power Point document files could be read on the Fire.

5. On the Fire you will also look for a Micro-USB connection, head phone jack and two speakers. The only button on the Fire is the power button.

This is a basic overview of what you will find inside Amazon's Amazon kindle fire. A few things you will not find are 3G wireless, cameras, microphone and GPS. Additionally, it has no Facebook app with no Twitter app, yet. The Fire is best used for reading your preferred books, catching up on your favorite television shows and movies, and listening to your favorite music. That is what you will find in Amazon's Kindle Fire.

The Fire is something worth researching when attemping to decide what sort of tablet you would like to purchase. It is new, so there's still a lot to research to determine its pros and cons. You'll find reviews of the product web more reviews is going to be released soon. As mentioned before, the Fire's best feature is its cost. Currently is costs $199, which is very low when compared with similar products that are out in the market right now. It is still to become determined how successful the Fire will be.

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