Beck - Modern Guilt

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I'm a long time fan of Beck's music.
Ever since he broke onto the scene with "Loser" in 1994 I've been interested in him.
Of his previous 7 official studio albums, I'm a big fan of all of them except for 1998's Mutations and 2005's Guero, but even those two albums have some great songs and I know that for many people Mutations is a favorite.
But for some reason Mutations never really clicked with me.
Beck's most recent album is the 15 track, 61 minute epic that is The Information.
I'm a big fan of that album, and in some ways it may even be my favorite Beck album to date.
It was released over a year and a half ago in October of 2006, his new album Modern Guilt is being released on July 7th in the UK and on July 8th in the US.
Modern Guilt The first thing one notices about Modern Guilt is that it's significantly shorter than his last album.
It only has 10 songs and it's only 34 minutes long.
In fact it's by far the shortest album he's released yet.
His previous shortest album was his debut (not counting Stereopathic Soulmanure and other early recordings) Mellow Gold which is 47 minutes long.
Beck worked with a new producer on this album, Brian "Danger Mouse" Burton who is most well known for his work with Gnarls Barkley and for the Jay-Z/Beatles mash-up album he did called The Grey Album which mixed vocals from Jay Z's Black Album with music from The Beatles White Album.
Songs 1.
"Orphans" 2.
"Gamma Ray" 3.
"Chemtrails" 4.
"Modern Guilt" 5.
"Youthless" 6.
"Walls" 7.
"Replica" 8.
"Soul of a Man" 9.
"Profanity Prayers" 10.
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