How to Get Album Artwork for an iTouch

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    Getting Album Artwork

    • 1). Connect your iTouch to your computer and start iTunes.

    • 2). Select the songs in your iTunes library for which you would like album artwork. To select more than a single song at once, hold the "Shift" key and use the up and down arrow keys. To select your entire library, highlight the very first song by clicking it and then hold shift and click the very last song.

    • 3). Right-click on your selected songs/library. Look at the bottom of the pop-up list and select "Get Album Artwork." ITunes will gather artwork for the albums you have selected.

    • 4). Open your iTouch interface from the drop-down on the left in iTunes. Put a check mark next to the playlists or folders (i.e. "work out mix" or "music") you want to import to your iTouch. Click the "Import" button to finish the job. When the songs are imported to your iTouch, the artwork will come with them.

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