Bathtub Tile Repair

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    • 1). Put on your safety glasses and dust mask to protect your eyes from grout particles, and to avoid breathing dust. Attach your masonry-grinding wheel to your grinder. Hold the grinder so that the thin edge of the grinding wheel comes in contact with the grout only. It is important that you hold your grinder with both hands to keep the grinding wheel from coming in contact with your tile. Use your grinder to cut out grout lines embedded with mold and to cut grout away from loose tiles.

    • 2). Gently slide your 4-inch putty knife behind each loose tile and pry out to remove them. Completely scrape the mastic or thin-set off the wall and the back of all removed tiles. Use a belt sander to remove setting compound off the back of your tiles if you cannot scrape it off. Secure your belt sander to a workbench with the sanding belt facing up. Push the power button and the continuous run button to keep your sander running hands free. Carefully hold each tile with both hands close enough to the sanding belt to grind off the setting compound.

    • 3). Apply premixed mastic with a tile trowel to the back of each tile and then press them to your wall. Wipe off excess mastic with a damp sponge. Allow your tiles to set overnight before regrouting. You can purchase a rapid setting compound that will allow you to grout within two hours.

    • 4). Insert your mixer bit into your variable speed drill. Add about 3 cups of water to one of your buckets. Slowly add grout to your water and use your drill to mix it. Continue adding grout and mix it until your grout is the consistency of pudding. Allow your grout to set for a minimum of five minutes and then remix it.

    • 5). Apply grout in the open spaces around your tile with a grout float. Hold your float at a 45-degree angle and drag it across your tiles to fill the lines. Fill your second bucket with water to rinse the grout off your tile and to smooth the grout lines. Dip your sponge into the water and wring it out. Hold your sponge flat on the tiles and wipe off the excess grout. Do not apply pressure or you will wipe the grout out of your grout lines. Rinse your tiles several times with clean water and allow the grout to dry overnight.

    • 6). Spray grout sealer on all of your grout lines after the new grout dries. Grout sealer will stop water absorption and stains in your grout. Use your sponge or a damp rag to wipe excess sealer off your tile. You can purchase spray-on grout sealer at a home remodeling center.

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