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How To Fix Your Credit is essential in the world of finance today.
Having a decent FICO score is very important because more often than not, this will determine if you qualify for the loan or charge card that you applied for.
A low FICO score is usually equivalent to high interest rates and lower loan amounts.
But for those who are not credit savvy, they assume that it is hard to get and maintain good standing.
They couldn't be more wrong.
There are plenty of things you can learn about how to fix credit issues in order to boost your financial standing.
Below are some of the easier examples of things you can do to raise your score.
  • Stop applying for a few months
Every time you apply for a loan or charge card, banks run a check on your financial history.
They check your report for bankruptcies, late payments, and excessive loans.
This is how they determine if you are worth taking a risk on.
Once these banks run a check, it will show up on your credit history.
Too many checks will have an impact on your score, so don't send in too many applications.
In this case, less is definitely more.
  • Prioritize your disputes
You always hear about disputing some of the information on your report and how to do it, but it's also important to prioritize.
For example, an account that you never applied for should take precedence over an address that you never rented or lived at.
The consumer reporting agencies are also busy, and they may overlook your dispute if you have too many items in one piece of paper.
You can fix those at another time.
  • Focus on your current accounts
Contrary to popular belief, old debts do not have the same impact as new ones.
As the debt gets older, the damage it does to your report shrinks.
This means that you should focus on bringing down and paying off your current debts first before you turn your attention to the older ones.
Past debts will only stay on your report for 7 years, so you can wait for it to fall off instead of expending time and money in an effort to fix it.
  • Make payments on time
On time payments to your accounts are imperative to how to fix credit.
If you cannot prove that you can be responsible and repay your debts on time, then how are banks supposed to trust you with more money? Start with the accounts that have the highest balances first and bring them down to below 30% of the credit limit.
This will also help fix your score.
Fixing your report may be time consuming, but it will definitely pay off in the future when you need to borrow money.
Continue to research how to fix your credit online and make sure to keep track of what works and what doesn't.
If you follow this process religiously, your report should start showing results in no time.
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