When You Start Your Acne Treatment You Need to Form Good Hygiene Habits

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A lot of acne medications and treatments work, but if you do not follow through with proper hygiene then it can all go to waste.
If you do see results at first and do not keep good hygiene after using the acne treatment, you wasted your money on your acne treatment.
One important thing to remember is that when you do have outbreaks of acne, you are not suppose to touch it or scratch it.
Do the best you can from touching your acne, and if you are home and you can see white heads, then wash your hands and gently pop them.
It is best if you can refrain from touching them all together.
Another tip is to wash your hands frequently.
Not only is this a good habit so you kill germs, but most likely you touch your face a lot with your hands.
If your hands are dirty and you're touching your face a lot, then dirt and sweat is clogging your pores.
To help your acne treatment work better, wash your face morning and night.
This is important to clean your face of dirt and sweat when you wake up, and before you go to sleep.
Some people do not think of taking a shower before bed as an act of good hygiene.
If you only take a shower in the morning, your body will collect dirt and sweat all day, and when you go to bed, all of that comes with you.
Taking a shower before you go to bed not only keeps you clean, but it keeps your bed and sheets clean also.
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