Small Wonder Singapore!

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Diversity can't get any wider than in Singapore. I have travelled almost all of South East Asia now and I can assure that Singapore is simply the best destination in South East Asia. It is one of the fastest developed nations in the world. Singapore is home to people from different origins, races and cultures but you can't really make out those differences when you see how perfectly they mingle with each other. The way that they wonderfully co-exist with each other can be seen at the time of their festive celebrations. This blend of different cultures, religions, beliefs which are accompanied by a rich heritage that dates far back makes the city more colorful and vibrant. It's no less than a wonder that being such a small country, Singapore has SO MUCH to offer! Singapore attractions are just too many for its size. It is always full of visitors and still it manages to be always so fresh and delightful! Singapore is a must see destination which offers great shopping fiestas, lovely city parks, rich flora and fauna which has been wonderfully conserved, amazing blend of different cultures, highly developed fast forward lifestyle, rich cultural and architectural legacy, lip licking cuisines, its totally a mesmerizing country which will surely make you fall in love with it. You don't need to burn your pockets and freeze your butt to travel to London or New York for a week long party. Rather visit this cosmo-fiesta and virtual fairyland lit up with million lights. If you are a hard core luxury brand shopper, Orchard Road will be a feast! Get Louis Vuitton, Gucci or any other couture label under the sun. Splurge on this 7 km glittering stretch with grandeur malls, dazzling lanes with glowing shops. Drop all your shopping bags at your room and get fresh to see the real charms of Singapore.

Whether you are planning a long or a short trip, there is a pack of sightseeing attractions that comes in the must visits one should never miss. A week that I was there, was perfect time to cover all the attractions of the place. Minimum visit should be for around 4-5 days and apt time to spend here is about a week.

For all those who are planning a visit to Singapore, I am penning down about the must visits of Singapore here hoping that it helps you guys in planning your trip.

Singapore Flyer and City Tour: Oh gosh! Its actually nerve tickling ride on the Flyer. I have gone to London Eye earlier and it was amazing but I was more excited here! And then I got to know that it is a good 30 metres taller than the London Eye. This world's tallest observation wheel provides breathtaking view of Singapore both in the day and in the night. Amazing views of Singapore River, Marina Bay and other places can be captured from here. Don't forget to carry a good quality camera. A good way to familiarize with the city is taking a City tour. First activity in the country, it was fun taking glances of Merlion, Orchard Road, China Town, Little India, Gem Factory and the Central Business District. Each place has its own distinct history which can be known from local guide.

Duck Tour: As unique the place is, it provides unique means to enjoy the city as well. Its a unique amphibious machine which rightly got its name from a DUCK! You can call it a bus or a cruise because it gives you a ride on road and sails you through water. It is open air so to give you the only left feel of being in the air too! It takes you through the wide lanes of Singapore and then with splashes of cold water, enters into the water to waddle along Singapore. From here, you will have a breathtaking view of the famous Merlion, iconic Marina Bay Sands, Esplanade, Singapore River and more.

Gardens by the Bay: It's a huge garden with millions of flowers spread across your way. The blossoms create a lovely fragrance that flows in the air. Ask me and I would say it is much more beautiful than the Tulip Gardens of Europe! Just 5 minutes from Marina Bay, this lush and incredible garden has three entrances. You should enter from Bay South as it houses the world's largest indoor waterfall and the fabulous 'Supertrees' which I wont explain here but you must watch it on your own to get the real experience! Small Advice: Don't go alone. It must be visited with a loved one.

Jurong Bird Park: It was like a walk into the rainbow. I always liked birds but nothing of the sort that I would want to go to a bird park to see them. Knowing that it has world's widest collection of birds and they provide them with free spaces to fly around in some world's largest aviaries attracted me to visit the place. Going there, I discovered a truly new world! I never knew birds could be THIS beautiful, charming, attractive and amazing! Some of them even got friendly with me! Time spent there would always be close to my heart. I found African Waterfall Aviary the most amazing of all. Not that the other were any less amazing, its just that water attracts my attention everywhere.

Singapore Zoo & Night Safari: So much famous for its preservation of endangered species in their almost natural habitats, Singapore Zoo is famous world over for being home to the largest social colony of the highly intelligent primates- Orangutans. Breakfast with the Orangutans is a highly entertaining program which you must surely enjoy. I witnessed the reticulated python and ran from the spot as I am terrified of the snakes! White leopard was an ultimate beauty. He dived into the water and was staring right into my eyes and I had goose bumps till long after. A very safe open zoo both for animals and us, it's a great place to spend your day. Continue in the night opting for a Night Safari Tour, the first Safari Park for nocturnal animals. Explore the rainforest at dusk, run wild amongst the lush greenery and majestic wildlife of night life. But beware, maybe the python of the morning drops in to say hi! Lol!

Universal Studios: Perfect way to live the fantasies and see the silver screen magic go real right in front of your eyes! Enjoy exciting rides and shows of your favorite movies and TV series. I had a gala time with Shrek in 'Far Far Away Castle' and am sure all young-at-heart would love it too! I didn't have the courage to face warrior mummies on 'Revenge of the Mummy' as I am afraid of dark but all the thrill seekers must go for it. 'TRANSFORMERS-The Ride' was truly exciting and I had absolutely lovely time at Madagascar. Not to miss the adventures of Jurassic Park Rapids; o gosh! Its one helluva time there! Jump into the thrilling movie magic world at 'Ride the Movies' and get dazzled and delighted by this unique and exclusive entertainment experience.

Sentosa Island: A great fun filled place to enjoy your weekend or a thrill- fill day. Rightly called as 'Playground of Singapore', one can just kick back and relax, run, roar and rave in Sentosa's pristine beaches, exuberant attractions, sea sports and charming retreats. I just loved the ride on Skyline Luge. Butterfly & Insect Park is simply charming. I walked down the 'Image of Singapore' and recommend it to every visitor of Sentosa. It's truly fascinating! If you are there for the whole day, you must enjoy beach volleyball on Siloso Beach. I was at Sentosa till evening and was simply awed by the charms of 'Songs of the Sea'. If time permits, try to go for Cineblast Show. Its one hilarious time pass which is JUST AMAZING!!

Apart from the places mentioned here, you should also visit Raffles Avenue. For moving around the city you should surely try Hippo Pass. For the first timers, the experience would be totally mesmerising.

A small wonder is what I would call Singapore. It awed me to no limits and dint make me bore even for a single moment. For the ones who have visited it earlier, need no explanations for the beautiful hostile country. I simply fell in love with the place; not for the number of attractions, but because of what the country altogether is. And I promised myself that I would return back some day.
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