eFoods Global Review - Can You Grow A Successful Business With eFoods Global?

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An Introduction to eFoods Global In Autumn, 2010, six executives from various backgrounds joined forces to create eFoods.
Their goal? To create the world's first high-quality, non-perishable meals.
Meant to be used right away or stored for years, the company prides itself on offering nutritional and tasteful meals.
They focus on emergency preparedness for disasters and times of hardship for people across the globe.
Because eFoods Global's executives come from varying backgrounds, ranging from small start-ups to billion dollar businesses, they also focus on their Independent Business Owner (IBO) program, providing opportunities for others to share in their success.
Several earning opportunities are available, from a 25% personal sales bonus, to 10% team commissions, and several other options and bonuses.
IBO's are identified as "spare-timers," "part-timers," or all the way to "big-time professionals.
" As with many other opportunities, you choose how hard you'd like to work, and the rewards follow accordingly.
One perk to eFoods Global's program is that you can share unlimited free food samples with potential clients, if you choose to engage in person-to-person marketing.
However, this "person-to-person marketing" may be one of the pitfalls of the program, as discussed below.
Evaluating the eFoods Global Opportunity - The Good and The Bad eFoods Global has a well-organized program for its IBO's.
But one downfall of the program is in the marketing and training sector.
Like many other networking opportunities, IBO's are encouraged to rely on their immediate network to engage in sales and team-building.
That usually amounts to family and friends.
While these people are great for personal support, creating a successful MLM business depends on much more than relying on acquaintances.
Success depends on targeting very specific markets, and generating a large reach.
It requires creating unique offerings, engaging potential investors, and proving your credibility to people outside your immediate network.
Identifying the right opportunity for you is a great step, but without the proper knowledge to make that opportunity worthwhile, success cannot be achieved.
The most important first step is educating yourself on the best-practices in network marketing.
Creating A Strong Business using eFoods Global Achieving high levels of success is entirely possible, even if you aren't sure where to start in your new business venture.
As with anything, taking time to learn and develop a strong business skill-set is a rewarding process, personally and financially.
It takes a bit of patience and determination, but anyone can learn to run a solid business, target specific markets, and achieve great success with opportunities like eFoods Global.
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