Flood Damage Protection

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There are a variety of reasons for protecting your home and possessions against flood damage regardless of whether you live close to open water that may be liable to flooding or not. You may suffer a burst water main in your street or blocked drainage, or perhaps you live on a flood plain. Whatever the reason for the flooding, you can be sure that household flooding can cause damage to your home and its contents, bringing unclean and very unhealthy water into your home, and it will most likely leave you with a large clean up bill to pay.

The best way to protect yourself is through flood protection insurance. Should you need to make an insurance claim against your policy due to flood damage then you will most likely need the services of a loss assessor. The loss assessor is there to assess the damage and advise on an amount to be paid out in an insurance claim. The fee for the loss assessor will usually be a small percentage of the claim amount  and so is effectively paid for by you and not the insurer you have taken a policy out with. The insurer may also appoint a representative (usually known as loss adjusters) to investigate your insurance claim. The loss assessor and the loss adjuster will work together to come to an agreement on the insurance claim with the loss assessor looking out for your best interests.

The loss assessor can help you with many areas that you may not have considered when making an insurance claim. For example, when claiming for flood damage the loss assessor can advise on any problems of mildewing and make the cost of any relevant treatment part of the insurance claim. Getting a loss assessor on your side at the beginning of your insurance claim is the best way to make sure you receive what is due to you should you suffer from flood damage.
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