Avoiding Office Move Irritants

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We may not have emotional attachments to our office, but an office move may turn off our enthusiasm. Most of us hate to be moved in our comfort zones. Naturally, this means we will have to make ourselves adapt to a new environment, a new setting and maybe a new work arrangement.

Some of the most common office moving irritants are as follows:
-disruption of present work pattern
-inability to beat the deadline during transfer period
-adjustment in going to and coming from the new office
-the general environment in the new office

These office move irritants can be avoided if the company plans for a more efficient way of transferring. With a realistic work plan, office move will most likely avoid hitches that will stress out the staff. For one, the team in-charge of the transfer should reach out to the staff. A method of consultation must be put in place to enable ordinary staff to participate and contribute ideas on how to make the transfer less stressful and disruptive of the work flow. This window must be kept open so that the staff can just walk in and share their ideas and contribute to make the transfer less irritating.

An office moving checklist will also help make the transfer more organized. The moving checklist will likewise provide information as to the work that can be done in-house and those that should be outsourced that required additional resources. The checklist will track down the status of the transfer and alert the transfer team if there are gaps in the activities or there are things left undone.

With a checklist, it will be easier to assign tasks to departments or to individuals. It will also create opportunities for the staff to participate in an orderly manner, another approach to avoid irritants. Office move can harness the energies of the staff and even use it as a team building activity, transforming a possible problematic issue into a more productive exercise.

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