Media Sphere gives Digital Professional Media Solutions with Digital DVD Duplication Services

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Media Sphere is a cloud based and full service providing media centre. Central to Media Sphere is a private and secure network which brings together all the services and combines them with latest and best technologies for digitizing, transcoding, technical assessment (QC) and digital distribution for offering a complete end-to-end work flow solution.

This DVD duplication Sydney format agnostic is a fully redundant system which allows clients to manage media in a ‘cradle to grave' concept be it in scripts, sales contracts, media in various codes or formats etc.


• Digitisation and Ingest • Innovation and Future Thinking • Security and Redundancy • Delivery • Digital Storage • Unstructured Data Storage

Digitisation and Ingest

A comprehensive digitization solution allows the creation of digital files for any project, large or small. Any format can be encoded, from uncompressed files for archiving to formats more suitable for broadcast. File formats can be trans-coded to iTunes, VOD and other platforms. This also includes various degrees of metadata, from basic program to rich descriptive data. DVD duplication Sydney also offers technical assessment (QC), audio and video restoration, editing, multi-platform repurposing, metadata creation and tagging, secure, redundant storage and electronic delivery via Aspera, Signiant or high speed FTP. Many of these processes can be streamlined into automated workflows. Client access is provided through an API (Application Program Interface).

Innovation and Future Thinking (API)

Future is impossible to predict even in media space. It is important for content owners and licensees to be able to quickly and efficiently transition their business and distribution models in line with these rapidly changing content consumption trends. The clients are given opportunity to develop their own API through DVD duplication Sydney which content may be retrieved, stored and modified as required by the next generation of content applications.

This open API ensures that clients will be able to efficiently and effectively position content to be consumed by content viewing technologies that have yet not been invented. This innovation allows CD duplication Sydney clients to distribute to new markets such as gaming consoles, mobile, IPTV and other web experiences without deploying new systems specifically for dealing with these technology risks and capital investments required to stay up to date with technology trends.

Unstructured Data Storage

The clients are offered with secure access to proxy files and all types of unstructured data such as sales contracts and artwork files. Proved technology is provided by EVOS. Installation of EVOS server ensures that the content is redundant to the same specifications as other DVD duplication Sydney files held in Media Sphere.

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