Rain Bird 33DLRC Specifications

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    • The Rain Bird 33DLRC is one of many Rain Bird sprinkler valves.Park Sprinkler image by Gary Ng from Fotolia.com

      Sprinkler systems appear deceptively simple, poking up just above ground level and spraying streams of water to irrigate the grass. In fact, a few sprinkler heads above can often mean there's a network of piping and valve-work below ground. One popular brand of valves is Rain Bird, which makes the Rain Bird 33DLRC Quick Coupling Valve. This valve has a number of specifications that are designed to provide low maintenance and long-lasting service to the homeowner.


    • Sprinkler parts are designed to go into the ground and function in all weather and despite other natural conditions such as grass growth and animal tampering. Because of this and because digging up the front yard to locate a sprinkler problem is not practical, the Rain Bird 33DLRC valve was designed with an "easy to service, two-piece body design." These two pieces are the valve body and the locking cover that diffuses the spray of the jet. The double track, sealed cover locks over using a 2049 model brass key.


    • Materials used in sprinkler valves must be resistant both to rust from the inside and corrosion and rust from the outside. Taking this into account, the interior of the 33DLRC valve is made of heavy cast brass with an outer shell of thermoplastic rubber. The covering cap is also made of thermoplastic rubber.


    • The flow capacity of a sprinkler valve determines, to a large extent, how the size of the area that the sprinkler will cover. The 33DLRC has a flow range of between 10 and 125 gallons per minute. This makes it ideal for almost every type of yard.


    • Water pressure capacity determines how fast water can be pumped through the system and how powerful the jets will be when the unit is turned on. The 33DLRC has a pressure range of between 5 and 125 pounds per square inch.


    • The height of the Quick Coupling valve helps determine whether it can be installed in your system without the need for additional connectors as well as how much of the unit can peek above ground. The measured height of the 33DLRC is 4.625 inches or 11.8 centimeters.

    Other Models

    • The Rain Bird 33DLRC is just one in a family of Quick Coupling Valves designed to spray water on the lawn or garden. Other members of this product family include the 33DRC, 44RC, 3RC, 5RC and the model 7.

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