How to Save Pictures on a PSP

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    • 1). Insert the memory stick in the memory slot on the PSP. This step can be skipped if saving the pictures to the internal memory of the PSP.

    • 2). Plug in the USB cable. The PSP must be connected in order for the device to acquire pictures from the computer. Connect the smaller end of the cable to the PSP and the larger end to the computer. Power on the PSP, hit "Settings" on the main menu and select "USB Connection". Now the PSP will accept information being downloaded via the USB cable.

    • 3). Open the PSP folder. To do this, click on the "Start" menu on the computer and select "My Computer". Double-click to open the "PSP/Removable Disk" folder.

    • 4). Locate the "PICTURE" folder. You must save images into this folder. The folder can be found inside the "PSP/Removable Disk" folder. Double-click on the "PICTURE" folder to open it.

    • 5). Locate the pictures on the computer. With the mouse, drag and drop them into the PSP's "PICTURE" folder.

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