Can't Eat Can't Sleep He Hasn't Called – Help!

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When a guy doesn't call whether it is after one date or one hundred dates it never feels any better! It doesn't mean he won't call, but waiting is just the hardest part. Wondering, analyzing! Checking your phone every five minutes, checking your email, hoping to bump into him at that café he sometimes goes to.

This time of uncertainty can really turn a woman bitter, but guys just don't realize it and women have to realize that guys are on another time frame to them altogether.

After a day of hearing nothing from a guy, maybe two days women are feeling crazy, but guys are more often than not, not even thinking about it. They are at work, they are playing golf or out with friends and they may have given you a thought or two, but they are busy being guys and take heart, because just because you don't hear from him for a whole week still doesn't mean he won't call!

The only thing you can do is call or text him and let him know that you are thinking about him. Keep it simple! No guilt trips, just something like, "Hi! Thinking about you" or "Wondering how you're doing?" or "I miss you x". Anything more than that you will be giving away your power. Yes, you may be feeling powerless right now, but don't let him know that!

Letting a guy come to you in his own time is more important than many women realize and if you can just get past your moment of crazy you will be glad you held out. The rewards of having a guy who comes to you of his own free will are boundless!

Here are 3 tips to make the wait easier:

1.  Phone and/or text 10 people (20 if you have to). This way your phone will keep ringing as people reply to your messages and you will be so busy you won't think about him calling - at least for a while. You will also have so many messages coming through that you won't have to keep checking your phone willing it to ring, because it will be ringing off the hook!

2.  Get physical! There is no better way to feel great about your self than to get out there and do some physical exercise. Getting your adrenaline pumping will release endorphins that have a powerful effect on your positive state of mind. I like team sports, but running, cycling, dancing or whatever you like will work well for you.

3.  Get busy! I cannot stress enough how important this is. Face the facts – he may never call! If he doesn't you will already be well on your way to having moved on and if he does he will have to take a number! Being too available makes you too needy, so why not rather be ‘exquisitely occupied!' instead.

Sometimes guys just need a little bit of space and time and the woman who can give it to them goes a long way to truly winning their heart!

PS. The silver lining is that after a week of not eating and not sleeping you will likely be able to fit back into your skinny jeans again. Now, there is not a woman I know who can't smile about that! So keep smiling, keep living and keep loving, if he is the guy that the Universe has promised you it will turn out great!
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