An Alternative to Traditional Divorce

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We have all heard the horrible stories of traditional divorce proceedings.
Couples that have spent 30, 40, or over 100,000 dollars on legal fees.
Divorces that consisted of many years fighting over unimportant things like the leather sofa, or the big screen television.
Children are almost always the ones suffering the most because of the adversarial divorce process.
One couple from Long Island fought for over two years and spent the equivalent of their child's college fund only to reach the agreement that they initially talked about before they sought the advice of their individual attorneys.
Each spouse had developed a false sense of reliance on their attorneys' promises of getting their shares and "winning".
Unfortunately, the only winners here were the legal firms that represented each spouse.
There has got to be a better way.
Thankfully, more Long Island couples, and couples around the country, are discovering Divorce Mediation, a private and confidential process where the couple controls the outcome of their divorce agreement.
Individuals are empowered to make their own decisions.
The divorce mediator remains neutral between the couple while assisting the couple in formulating ideas based on the facts that are gathered.
These ideas will lead to an agreement that makes sense and stands the test of time.
Mediation is a non-adversarial family centered approach.
The goals of the process are to help the couple learn to communicate and not view each other as adversaries, as is typically the case in a traditional divorce.
Mediation seeks to reduce the stress and trauma of the whole divorce process.
By working together, couples preserve their families, save money and heal quicker.
The entire mediation process is significantly more cost-effective than the traditional litigation process.
By maintaining a neutral role in the process, the divorce mediator helps both parties work to preserve their assets.
Litigation, by its very nature, involves mandatory attorney actions and the inevitable fees associated with them.
Divorce Mediation offers each client more financial control during the process.
As mentioned previously, the mediator is NOT an advocate for either party.
They do NOT make the decisions but guide the process.
They listen to and help each of the parties to stay focused during the process.
During the course of divorce mediation the parties are encouraged to discuss all of the issues and explore the various options which they have to resolve their differences.
Thankfully the divorce mediation process is becoming more well known and couples are seeking this alternative.
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