Beating Depression Through Exercise

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There are many myths and stories about depression, but the one thing we all know is that depression is very real. In the days of our grandparents, depression was almost unheard of, that is because back then things were much simpler and peer pressure was almost non-existent. In this day and age though, the stresses of life and work are much higher then they were back then and depression runs riot in our society. In order to beat this condition, exercising is a good form of releasing endorphins which are what keeps our brain happy and lowers the risk of depression.

Studies into depression show that medication is not always the best treatment, especially for people who believe in healthy alternatives rather than putting chemicals into their bodies. Exercise is one such alternative that can help to alleviate depression and anxiety. Get into a regular exercise schedule and health routine by visiting a gym. This will help to keep you healthy and happy.

Our bodies carry endorphins, which are basically our happy centre so to speak. These endorphins are responsible for keeping our bodies healthy and balanced. After exercise, endorphins are released into the brain and create a "natural high" which creates your happy centre.

Although exercise is not a complete cure and you may still need to seek counseling, it certainly helps to keep you in a more focused and positive mode. Although a number of studies have shown that severe depression can also benefit greatly from exercise and even be completely cured. There are reported instances where depression disappears for good with regular and continued exercise. Research carried out in this area has found that people that exercise is a highly effective treatment for mild to medium depression. Exercise can also lower stress and anxiety, it is reported that people who exercise more felt less nervous or anxious.

Zumba, which is a dance fitness program, has been used in many gyms to bring fun into the usual routinary exercises. It is a fun, stress free dance that will get the endorphins working and help to release the stress and anxiety. This wonderful Latin dance has become very popular worldwide and is a fantastic form of exercise that helps to burn calories and tighten up the muscle tone. It is a great way to get fit and have fun at the same time.

So if you feel like you could be depressed, see a doctor as well as popping into your local gym to help pick you up and get you back to your normal happy self.
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