Avoiding Cancer The Natural Way With Blueberries

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First of all, what is cancer? It is a collection of diseases described by uninhibited growth and development of irregular cells. If not controlled, death may result. Cancer in the United States is the second most common cause of death, surpassed only by heart disease. Cancer is brought on by external factors, such as tobacco use, various chemicals, transmittable organisms, and radiation, and by internal factors, such as inherited mutations, hormones, immune conditions, and mutations that arise from digestion. These fundamental causes may performance together or in progression to introduce or promote a process by which regular cells are converted into cancer cells.

Here is a heads up on some startling numbers regarding projection of new cancer cases in 2011. Experts project that 1,596,670 new cancer cases will occur, and the number of people expected to die is approximately 571,950, that equates to more than 1,500 per day. Read on and discover how blueberries can be a major contributor in reducing these numbers.

Avoiding Cancer The Natural Way With Blueberries has shown from much research, that significant results has been shown when consumed on a regular daily basis, it has aided the body in fighting cancer primarily as a result of the high number of antioxidants than those found most other fruits, together with the many compounds are known in preventing colon cancer. The real truth here, blueberries are intended to lessen your chance of getting cancer.

Much research has been done to show that a suitable diet and good eating habits may assist in the prevention of cancer. Through this research, it's been discovered that blueberries contains compounds that may help in fighting cancer and may retain enzymes accountable for reproducing cancer cells from functioning. It has been revealed that blueberries help cure as well as help prevent various cancers. By eating the daily recommended amount of this small round blue/purple fruit, the blueberry, you are three times likely to avoid getting cancer.

The dark color in blueberries is the result of a pigment known as Anthocyanin, thought to be the motive for the reduction of cholesterol blood levels, assist in counteracting the damaging effects of Free Radicals that are a harmful by-product of metabolism, and prevent or slow the progression of cancer and other age linked diseases brought on by cigarette smoke, smog, pesticides and drugs.

Of all the blueberry health benefits, cancer prevention may be the superior benefit for minimizing free radical destruction. Also, a high count in soluble fiber pectin has shown to avoid bile acid from becoming a possibly cancer causing form and providing a defense from colon and ovarian cancers. Research has shown that antioxidant in blueberries has decreased ovarian cancer. They slow down the inflammation process in the digestive system and decrease the ability for E. Coli to cause infections.

To assist in reducing the risk of attracting colon and ovarian cancer, nutrients in blueberries have been discovered to have phytochemicals known as anthocyanins and phenolics that are believed to be beneficial in fighting cancer. Phenolic compounds are found in blue/purple fruits are known to prevent the fast development of cancer cells and work to terminate cancer cells in the colon, and Anthocyanin pigments are accountable for the red, purple, and blue colors of many fruits.

The blueberry too contains a flavonoid phytonutrient referred to as kaempferol. Women who have been known to consume kaempferol-rich foods had nearly a fifty percent lower danger of obtaining ovarian cancer than those with a lower consumption of these foods. A few other kaempferol-rich foods consist of non-herbal tea, onions, kale and spinach.

Blueberries are known to have chemicals that reduce the growth of cervical and breast cancer cells by a substantial amount and a huge asset in fighting cancer. They contain resveratrol which is believed to be another vital probable anti-cancer instrument, a chemical that performs well against cancer.

A compound in Avoiding Cancer The Natural Way With Blueberries is known as Pterostilbene, an antioxidant compound existing in several colorful fruits, however, more abundant in blueberries, has shown to be an excellent treatment for colon and liver cancers. Ellagic Acid is another antioxidant that prevents that passage way toward cancer and includes pectin, a compound known to assist in allowing the colon to self-cleanse, reduce bile acid levels and lower cholesterol. When working together with Anthocyanin and other progressive antioxidants like vitamin-C and copper, provides an excellent combination in preventing and curing cancer.

The natural ingredient, Ellagic acid has been discovered to halt the progress of cancer cells, that included cervical, prostate, breast, colon, pancreatic, esophageal, and skin cancer lines. This natural ingredient stops cancer progression by attempting to block with a certain part of the cancer cell's generative cycle. Sooner or later these cancer cells will die without making more new cells, because the generative cycle has been discontinued.

In conclusion, hopefully, from what you just read, you will see the importance of getting the adequate nutrition and exercise that is required on a daily basis is vital to maintaining a healthy body and mind, and how nutrients along with other various antioxidant compounds found in blueberries, plays a vital part in achieving this.

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