Fad Diets - Why Are They Bad?

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Trying to lose weight is not easy, you want to look slimmer and feel better, but the thought of slogging through a boring diet plan isn't very interesting, or motivating.
Along comes the Fad Diet promising you super weight loss in the blink of an eye.
All you have to do is drink lemonade or eat lots of cabbage soup, popcorn, apple cider vinegar, potato chips, tuna fish, etc.
Fad diets are popular because they capture attention and are perceived as quick weight loss solutions.
On the surface these diets sound perfectly reasonable.
I mean, eat lots of cabbage soup, sure, why not? Cabbage is a vegetable and vegetables are good for you, right? True, cabbage is good for us - in moderation.
Once you start the Cabbage Soup Diet you'll quickly realize that you're just not getting enough calories needed to maintain weight loss in a healthy way.
You're more likely to get headaches and pass lots of gas.
Doesn't' sound so great now, does it? Okay that one's a dud, but surely one of the other ones will work.
Like many people, maybe you've gone through your share of fad diets, only to eventually return back to your old eating habits and, unfortunately, your old weight issues.
The reason why these unhealthy fad diets let you down time and time again is because they are not meant to be a long-term solution.
They do not show you how to choose healthy foods and incorporate them into your daily meals once you are no longer on the diet.
They also, don't encourage you to exercise, which is essential for anybody seriously contemplating losing a significant amount of weight.
Some of these fad diets can be down right dangerous.
It's just not healthy to eat one type of food repeatedly every single day, plus it gets boring.
So you usually end up back at square one wondering what you need to do to lose X amount of pounds.
Okay, I'll tell you what you need to do.
You need to forget about all those fads and commit to going on a real healthy eating plan.
One that shows you how to eat the right foods in the right quantities to achieve your weight loss goals.
You can enjoy eating lots of great food and feeling good while on a more traditional plan.
Fad diets offer short-term solutions that often fail.
Healthy eating plans offer great food and positive solutions for permanent weight loss.
Now that you know why fad diets are bad, I hope you'll use this information to make the best choice for your own health and well being.
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