Helmet Laws in Michigan

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    DOT Approved

    • In Michigan, you are required to wear a helmet that is DOT approved. DOT refers to the United States Department of Transportation. You can identify whether the helmet meets this standard by looking at the back of the helmet. If approved, you will find a triangle with "DOT" in capital letters inside it.

    The Fit

    • Be sure the helmet fits you properly. If in doubt, have an employee in the store fit the helmet for you. The helmet needs to be snug but not too tight.

    Protect the Eyes

    • The helmet Michigan recommends should not only be DOT approved, but should cover the full face. If the helmet is not full face, you should wear goggles to protect your eyes. Full face refers to a shield that comes down to cover your entire face, or coverage of your chin from the helmet itself.


    • When a passenger rides on a motorcycle, the passenger must wear an approved helmet as well, according to Michigan state law.


    • Any person under 19 must wear a helmet when riding a moped in Michigan. The helmet must be DOT approved, just like the helmets one wears when riding a motorcycle.


    • If an autocycle (a type of light motorcycle) has a roof, then a helmet is not necessary. If the autocycle doesn't have a roof, you must wear a helmet. Be sure you wear your seat belt.


    • Several Michigan towns require bicycle riders to wear bicycle helmets. Check the requirements of the town where you will ride.

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