The Post-Partum Period - Welcoming A Second Child

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In the post-partum period, many couples are faced with welcoming a second or even third child in the house.
Hence, when a couple already has a child, a newborn baby can bring its load of joy and challenge.
In order to understand the first child's reaction, you have to put yourself in his shoes: form being the king, he falls back at being the prince.
In short, all the attention that was directed towards the first born is not redirected in the direction of this precious newborn.
You cannot blame a child for reacting and acting-up as the newborn is taking all the attention and time of his beloved parents.
In order to make the transition easier for a child when bringing home a newborn baby, there are basic proven strategies that have proven to work well.
I always tell my patients who complain about their first child reacting to the newborn's arriving by drawing this parallel: "How would you react if your husband brought home another woman one day and said: "Look at her! Isn't she the most beautiful person in the world! I just love her.
" This is the same thing new parents are often doing when they bring in their newborn baby devoting all their attention to him.
There are ways to prevent post-partum problems by smoothing the transition for the existing child.
Such tricks as bringing a gift to the child and telling him that the baby gave it to him can help make the switch easier.
It is also recommended to have the older child participate in the newborn care by brining diapers and other stuff.
This way, the older child grows into its role of being the helpful one and does not end-up resenting the new baby in the house.
Another very good trick in making the transition easier for the older child when bringing home a newborn baby is by re-assuring this older child that he has not lost any of his parent's love and attention.
Hence, whenever the newborn baby is resting sleeping, sitting down with the older sibling will have the effect of showing that he did not lose his parents but rather gained a brother or a sister.
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