555 Sacred Journey of Truth 2012

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In the Etheric above the Island of Crete is the Temple of Truth where the Ascended Master Hilarion and the Goddess of Truth, Pallas Athena reside along with the Brotherhood of Truth. The purpose of this retreat is to teach students in all matters of Cosmic Truth, Sacred Sound, Embracing Change and Healing.
We call Emissaries of Truth to join with us on this program to answer the call from the Ascended Master Hilarion to send out the frequencies to the World that will enable Humanity to enter into the Fifth World, Fifth Dimension, accepting the Fifth Quintessence - the Quintessence of Sound and awaken to a New Era where false teachings and rigid interpretations of the Truth has disillusioned many.
I work with numbers and this year on the 5.5.2012 the numbers come down to 5.5.5 (2+0+1+2=5) this is a most powerful vibration significant to change. The frequencies of the 5 relate to change, freedom, Truth and in particular Divine Truth when it comes in 3's. The sequence of three 5's symbolise Great Change rolling forth with an unstoppable force. The 5th May 2012 is also the same day as the WESAK full moon. The energies are always powerful around the WESAK full moon and this coupled with the change coming forth for 2012 and the 555 energies it is a most powerful time to set intentions for the positive changes that we wish upon all of humanity. 2012 is the time we have all been waiting for and Lightworkers Unite around the world all year to send Love and Light to all those who are still waiting to feel these energies within their hearts. For LUXOR Light we have spent the last 7 years preparing and grounding the frequency that we call LUXOR Light for this very time. It is time now for the frequency to move around the Globe in ever increasing speeds to assist bringing about the purpose of ascension not just for those conscious Beings that are aware of why, but for those yet to become conscious and to assist all other Lightworkers in accelerating this process.
Crete and the Temple of Truth of Master Hilarion and Pallas Athena is the perfect place to be a part of this. With the balanced energies of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine and being in the direct vicinity of the Temple of Truth receiving the Light from the Masters and the Brotherhood of Truth along with the powerful frequencies of the WESAK full moon, we will send out with the help of the Masters a most powerful Healing thoughtform, and Codes of Awakening that will be shared with all the world.
WESAK: The practice of Buddhism was adapted in many ways to suit the nature of the various cultures that accepted it. As a result of this, Vesak is celebrated in many different ways all over the world. But in essence many practices have become universal. This sacred day is purely a religious festival, and not a festive occasion. On this day all Buddhists are expected to reaffirm their faith in the Buddha Dhamma and to lead a noble religious life. It is a day for meditation and for radiating Loving-Kindness. click on link to read more about WESAK €" Alice Bailey
Calling on those who are receptive to the Higher vibration of Truth to take part in this plan in alignment with all other Sacred Missions of 2012 to be an active participant for Change.

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