Interested In Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program? Some New Facts You Can Use

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The widely used Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) picks-up the immigrant candidateson the basis of their skills to do well economically in the Maple Country. In a situation wherein the wake of the aspirants successfully caterto the eligibility requirements, they are duly evaluated against points-grid selection criteria even as 100 points are up for grabs, with points being awarded for the official language skills, age, education, employment-experience, job already arranged in the nation, &adaptability. The existing test pass mark is 67.

Post a painstakingappraisal of the applicablestudy, a wide-ranging program assessment, stakeholder & general public consultations, study &study of the best possible practices across other immigrant-welcoming nations of the world, the reforms to the FSWP were made public during the month of December the last year, 2012. These reforms will become effective from May 4, 2013 onwards.

Significantly, since July 1, 2012, atemporary break on the admission of most fresh submissions for the FSWP has existed, even as it excludes those with a qualifying offer of employment,and those who filing a petition, via the PhD class. Come May 4, 2013, and the said pause will be done away with,and an eligible professions class will be re-instituted.

Even as the concerned organization, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), will strictlynot entertain visa-submissions for the 24 eligible vocations before the given date, the aspirants may begin preparing for some new conditions, like language tests & overseas educational skill evaluations. By May 4, 2013, Canada Immigrations website will have theentire submission procedure with the latest selection requirements.

Those--who are keen to file a petition on or post May 4--would do well to understand that in case their petition fails to cater to the fresh conditions, the same will not be duly processed. The candidates ought to make certain that they successfully cater to not less than one of theseprerequisites:

1.They possess not less than 1 year of non-stop job-experience in any of the 24 given eligible vocations;
2.They possess a qualifying offer of arranged employment; or
3. They are qualified to file a petition, via the PhD category.

In a situation wherein the potential aspirants are positive that they cater to not less than one of the given conditions, they ought to also fulfill the bare minimum language threshold, apartfrom gaining an educational credential evaluation (in case presenting anoverseas educational documentation).

Bare Minimum Language Threshold

The candidates ought to first find-out if they cater to fresh bare minimum language thresholdacross every given skill (listening, speaking, reading, &writing). With a view to establish language skills, the aspirant would do well to appear for a third-party testfor language.

Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)

The offering of the ECA is another crucial development which becomes effectivefrom May 4, 2013. In case they have plans to present an overseas educational documentation,the candidates could begin the procedure of getting an ECA,prior to May 4.

But, the aspirants would do well to remember the other program eligibility prerequisites given aboveif they possess a qualifying offer of arranged employment, or are filing a petition, via the PhD category or entitled occupations category; and in case they cater to the bare minimum language threshold, via a assigned third-party test. The aspirants--who have Canadian educational qualifications--do not require receiving an ECA, provided they are also presenting an overseas educational documentation,to back their submissions.

The ECA course of action will help find-out if the overseas educational documentation is genuine and comparable to a completed credential in Canada. For the futurecandidates, the ECA may proffer a practical understanding of how their overseas educational skills would get due recognition in the Maple Country.
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