Something You Should Think About Before Buying a Curtain?

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The curtain is indispensable in our houses.
We use it not only for the purpose of covering the window, but also decorating the house.
If you want to buy a curtain to decorate your house, you should take many things into consideration before making a purchase.
In the different rooms of a house, such as the bedroom, the living room or the bathroom, different types of curtains should be used because each room has different requirement on the curtain.
Take the bedroom and the bathroom for instance.
These two rooms are the private places.
You install curtains there mainly for the purpose of protecting your privacy, so you should install thick curtains.
As for the kitchen, the living room or the study room, there is no need for you to cover every thing.
You can install thin ones.
When you choose the curtain, you should also think about what direction the window faces.
If the window is towards the sun, and the room has sufficient sunshine, you can install a thick curtain, and add a sheer curtain behind it.
When the sunshine is very strong, and it is very hot outside, you can draw the thick curtain to block out the heat.
When the sunshine is not so strong, you can draw only the sheer curtain which can block out UV rays effectively.
On the contrary, if the window is back to the sun, and the room is cold and gloomy all the time.
You should install the thick and bright-colored curtain made from the wool blend or thick cotton.
It can block out wind effectively.
You should also think about whether the color of the curtain suits the room.
The living room is the place you entertain the guest, so you should install the warm colored curtain, which will make the room warm and cozy.
The guests who sit in a place like this will feel very comfortable.
In the bedroom, you should install the cool colored curtain, which can make you feel peaceful.
In the dining room, you can install a yellow or orange curtain because both colors have the function of boosting appetite.
Finally, there is one thing I want to tell you.
The curtain fabric is usually processed specially.
It won't shrink, so there is no need to order more fabric than the proper amount.
If the fabric is not processed specially, you should order 5 centimeters more.
If you want to make the cotton or linen curtain, you should order 10 centimeters more.
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